9 tips for a successful job interview

Kaoutar Islah, HR Manager

Even as an HR Manager, I often look back on my career as a candidate. It was a special time that shaped the professional I am today.
Having had the privilege of experiencing both positions (candidate and recruiter), today I’d like to share with you 9 secrets that have helped me succeed at job interviews.

1. Find information about the company

Not only will this enable you to develop your arguments during the interview, but it will also make you calmer and calmer.

2. Reread the offer carefully

You can pick up many clues about what your recruiter is looking for. Try to identify your strengths and areas for improvement in relation to the job.

3. Make a good first impression

It happens from the very first seconds, so arrive a little early to give yourself time to prepare mentally and physically.
Present yourself in a professional and polished manner (appropriate dress and impeccable hygiene).
Pay attention to details such as your handshake and the way you sit or stand.

4. Listen carefully to the person you are talking to

You ‘market’ your profile, but remember that you can also ‘buy’ what the company has to offer.
Intelligent listening is essential to balance the power dynamic between recruiter and candidate.

5. Remember to use the “STAR” method (Situation, Task, Action, Results)

Give meaning to what you say. Illustrating your experiences will help you to describe each key aspect of your career effectively and to answer the questions correctly.

6. Be authentic and natural

Don’t play a role. It’s your own career path, not someone else’s. The aim of the interview is simply to check that your profile matches the job and the company culture.

7. Adopt a positive attitude

Even if you’re frustrated or upset by a trick question, mentally revert to a positive attitude, which will have an immediate impact on your body language.

8. Ask the recruiter questions

It’s important to be relevant and fair, because that’s the last impression you leave with people. Just like the first impression, the last impression is just as important.
Don’t forget to ask the recruiter how the rest of the recruitment process will unfold.

9. Send a thank you email

2 days after the interview, remember to send an e-mail reminding them of the date of your meeting, try to reaffirm your motivation for the job, and build on the ideas discussed during the interview. Avoid copying your cover letter. End your email with a polite greeting.

Today, I draw on my previous experience to guide and support candidates applying for jobs at Marglory, where we are continually working to make the process transparent, fair and discrimination-free, because I know that everyone has the potential to make a real difference to our company.

Are you ready to do the exercise?

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