Cargo tracking, in real time

First and foremost, Cargo Tracking is an option for tracking your shipments online and in real time, providing you with comfort, reassurance and optimisation!
What’s more, you’ll be kept constantly informed of your cargo’s position, thanks to the status display designating the stage at which your load is located.

Positioning status of your cargo

At Origin, in Transit or at Destination, for each stage you have a group of statuses which give you information about your LCL cargo:


  • Routing Order Requested: when you confirm a quote, a Routing Order creation request is generated. You can also calculate and confirm a quote, and create a Routing Order yourself on
  • Routing Order Assigned: when a departure is assigned to your Routing Order
  • Received in Warehouse: receipt of goods at origin
  • In POL Terminal: arrival of goods at the POL
  • Container Loaded and Sealed: loaded and closed container
  • Confirmed on Board: container on board
  • Waiting Departure from POL: waiting for departure from the port of loading
  • Departure Confirmed from POL: confirmation of departure from the port of loading
  • Departure Confirmed from Origin: confirmation of departure from origin


  • In Connection PORT : marchandise au port de connexion
  • Ocean Transport to POD : marchandise transportée vers le port de déchargement


  • Arrival Notice Issued : réception du préavis d’arrivée
  • Vessel Arrival at Final POD : arrivée du navire au port de déchargement
  • Container Discharged at Final POD : déchargement du conteneur au POD
  • Freight Available : marchandise disponible à récupérer
  • Collect Day of Delivery Order : échéance de la récupération de marchandise
  • Freight Picked Up or Delivered : fret récupéré, livré

That said, keep an eye on your shipments and track your goods in real time with MyMarglory Cargo Tracking option.

So entrust your shipments to Marglory and benefit from all the expertise of our teams, plus digital solutions that are unrivalled on the market for optimising your supply chain.