How do I calculate my quotation on MyMarglory?

Don’t waste any more time! Use the MyMarglory customer area to carry out your quotations independently. The digital tool that puts all your shipment information at your fingertips, easily and as quickly as possible!

Instead of endless email exchanges, enter your shipment data yourself directly on MyMarglory. In just a few clicks, once you’re logged into your customer area, go to ‘New Quote’ and fill in the required data. And that’s it, your quotation is already being prepared! Simple, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, the video below gives you more details! Our friend Asmae Daifi, Field Sales Specialist, explains step by step how to calculate a quotation in your MyMarglory customer area:

How do I calculate my quotation on MyMarglory?

The MyMarglory tool is designed for you, to facilitate your logistics operations. In fact, by requesting a quotation via MyMarglory, you benefit from a number of advantages, such as :

– Immediacy: Why wait for your price when you can get it in just a few clicks? In fact, if you enter all the details, you’ll get a breakdown of the concepts with the total amount. What’s more, once you’ve submitted your request, a PDF will be generated with your detailed quote and a follow-up reference. It’s just magic!

– Easy follow-up: To give us your comments on your request, you can contact our Pricing team using the quotation reference obtained (e.g. 50COTI20…). This way, exchanges become more precise and concise, and the information obtained more relevant.

– Traceability: The automatically generated reference makes it easy to trace your quotation. What’s more, you can also complete the rest of the shipping process via MyMarglory. Like confirming the quotation, tracking the itinerary of freighters, downloading documents, etc. Everything is centralised in a single platform, for optimum traceability.

Live in the digital age with MyMarglory and simplify your life!

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