Market Update February 2023

The PDF Market Update February 2023 provides a comprehensive update on the international freight market. Arm yourself with market intelligence, reliable and carefully selected data to inform and optimise your decision-making.

  • The Chinese New Year and improvements to health restrictions in China are having an impact on the entire global supply chain. So what are the repercussions for Asia/Mediterranean trade, and how can we best organise shipments from China during this period?
  • In Europe, congestion is improving at the main hubs. What about capacity and available space to and from European ports?
  • How is air freight faring in the face of global inflation and fluctuating fuel prices?

Find detailed data on the market situation in Asia, Europe and North America, to help you better organise your supply chain.

Market Updates January 2023-Air cargo
  • Overview of overall fare trends on the main routes
  • Capacity trends for the main shipping lines and alliances: Asia/Mediterranean/Europe/North America
  • Number of weekly departures scheduled by the main shipping lines
  • Activity at China’s main ports in view of the epidemiological situation in the country
  • Trends in congestion at the main European hubs
Market Updates janvier 2023-Fret Aérien
Market Updates January 2023-Air cargo
  • Air freight supply and demand trends
  • Overview of trends in capacity, volume and rates

Marglory provides you with a reliable Market Update on the current situation in the sector, as well as forecasts for the future to help you make decisions, organise your loads better and anticipate market fluctuations.
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