Maternity & Forwarding: a daily challenge by Soukaina Habibi

Soukaina Habibi, FCL Export Team Leader

Freight Forwarding is not just about delivering a transport service to the customer. It’s about building lasting, healthy relationships with customers, ensuring that their business runs smoothly, and focusing our cooperation on expertise, advice and performance. In short, it’s about mapping out the architecture of international transport operations.   

What would you say about a mum who works in Freight Forwading?

Starting a day’s work in logistics is like a battle whose success at the end makes you forget all the ups and downs you’ve endured.

Between intermittent phone calls, non-stop reminders, meetings, incidents, unforeseen events and demanding responsibilities, you always need to keep your breath and strength up to perform both at work and at home.

You have to look after the customer’s well-being and satisfaction in the same way as you do with your child. Being an active player in logistics, while being a mother, means knowing how to combine the strengths of management, leadership, supervision and professionalism, both with regard to your team and to your family.

A mum’s job in logistics is to support her child and her colleagues. That’s right! Your team and your colleagues are your second family. Spending working hours in their company means hours of fruitful learning, hours of lively sharing, hours of pleasure and conviviality, and hours of professional and human generosity. However, there are other hours of conflict that may surprise you, and in the face of which you play the rigid soldier and the solid defender, the protector of the team. But it’s not over yet… The combat mission isn’t over yet, and another maternity session is just around the corner…

Being a mum and working is undoubtedly a daily challenge, and I agree that it’s possible to reconcile the two and still be happy both professionally and personally. So ladies, take the time to admire all the achievements you’ve made, you’re the heart that beats twice every day.