MyMarglory: express follow-up, with no access and no stress!

MyMarglory, the digital tool that makes it easy for you to track your cargo without having to have access to it.So what are you waiting for?

Would you like to know the estimated date of arrival of your goods, plus the unloading date? There’s nothing complicated about it! Just follow the steps below and it’s done…

First, go to our digital platform MyMarglory
Under the heading Morocco Sailing Schedules you will find the section that interests you. This is the section Arrival Basic Information. 

You must of course have your HOUSE BL or CONTAINER number.
Choose the option that suits you best for your search. Then enter the numbers.
Once you have done this, click on Search.

Search by House BL

Search by container

And now you have all the information you need about the arrival and unloading of your goods.
MyMarglory facilitates access to information to optimise your logistics operations. The aim is to give you free and independent access to your loads.

Experience the digital age with MyMarglory.
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