MyMarglory: The ideal solution for successful teamwork

With MyMarglory, nothing escapes you. Follow every step, get notified and stay informed in real time. And all team members can easily follow the progress of each shipment without having personal access to the customer area.

Do you have access to our MyMarglory customer area? Let the whole team benefit from the tracking of your cargo and stay informed of the progress of each shipment by receiving notifications on your e-mail addresses.

How do you add your colleagues’ emails to MyMarglory?

It’s so easy!

First, log in to your MyMarglory account. If you don’t have access, request it now, here.

Then, select any Shipment in import or booking in export to access the page containing the details of your shipment.

Click on Edit of “E-Mail Notification” and then add the email address of a member of your team who will receive notification of your shipments from confirmation to arrival.

Step1: Insert in e-mail notification

Finally, click on save to save the inserted email.

Step2: Click on Save

You can repeat this operation to add other or all team members.

All you have to do is insert the e-mail address or addresses in a single upload and all the information will be included in all the uploads you make from then on!

Your colleagues will receive notifications so they can keep track of your shipments with Marglory.


MyMarglory facilitates access to information to optimise your logistics operations. The aim is to give you free and independent access to your loads.

Experience the digital age with MyMarglory.
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