Shipped by road from Barcelona by Asmae Daifi

Asmae Daifi, Field Sales at Marglory
In addition to the sea link, Marglory offers its customers a direct groupage road solution from our Transglory Barcelona platform with delivery to Casablanca MEAD or Tangiers MEAD, depending on your requirements.
Our direct LTL service guarantees you permanent availability, outside the peak import or export season. We also offer the flexibility of two scheduled departures per week, to meet your most urgent needs.
What’s more, our customers benefit from a very fast road service, taking just 4 days overall. And that’s between loading the goods from Barcelona and their arrival in Casablanca: there are only two days of Transit Time, i.e. between the lorry’s departure from Barcelona and its arrival at its destination.

Better still, our service includes a single day for delivery to Tangiers. That’s a big time saving compared with shipping by sea.

The LTL service from Spain allows you to overcome the hazards and risks of shipping; port congestion, delays, postponements, etc. And all this at competitive rates for a high-quality service.

Integrating the road groupage service into your logistics strategy will enable you to overcome the logistical risks and optimise your time and budget for optimum satisfaction.

I would be delighted to assist you with your LTL and FTL import and export shipments. For all your price requests, please contact me on the email:

I look forward to assisting you!