Specialist technical support for Flexitank and Isotank

Marglory anticipates all the constraints involved in the international transport of bulk liquids, and offers advice and assistance to ensure the safety and quality of the product being transported, as well as protecting the environment.

With over 13 years’ expertise in the field of liquid transport, Marglory has mastered all the technical aspects relating to flexitank and Isotank transport services.

In the event of a liquid leak, which occurs when technical instructions are not followed or due to other external factors, Marglory can assist in the operation of transferring the liquid from a damaged flexitank to a new one or from one Isotank to another.

This delicate decanting operation requires more than technical mastery, it also requires mastery of port and customs formalities, something that Marglory’s teams, through its 3 offices in Tangiers, Casablanca and Agadir, can carry out as a matter of urgency in order to limit any loss of product.

Marglory is there to assist you!