The hazards of full container shipments

The hazards of full container shipments by Mohamed Tahir, FCL Import Team Leader

Full Container Load (FCL) is a term used in the shipping industry to designate the shipment of entire containers by a single entity or shipper. In working with this type of service, we come across many unforeseen events every day, such as the following:

High cost :

Shipping by FCL can be expensive, particularly for small companies or small consignments. Container hire, port handling charges, customs duties and other associated costs can be a significant financial burden.

Space management :

When shipping FCL, it is essential for us to manage the space available in the container to maximise its use. When goods do not completely fill the container, there can be a waste of space and associated additional costs, which is not beneficial to our customers.

Planning challenges :

Coordinating shipping deadlines and container availability can cause us some inconvenience. Delays in the collection or delivery of containers can lead to delays in the supply chain and penalties.

Risk of damage or loss:

When loading and unloading containers, there is a risk of damage to the goods due to handling, impact or transport conditions. In addition, if the container is lost at sea or stolen, the consequences can be significant.

Customs formalities :

FCL shipments often involve complex customs formalities, including the preparation of export and import documents, customs clearance procedures and compliance with country-specific regulations. Errors in these processes can lead to delays or compliance complications.

Returns management :

If FCL containers are used for return shipments or goods returns, logistical coordination and additional costs can cause inconvenience.

Tracking and visibility:

It can be difficult to track and maintain full visibility of FCL containers throughout their journey. We may encounter some obstacles in obtaining accurate information on container location, delivery times and real-time updates.

The challenges we face with FCL can vary depending on the specific characteristics of each shipment. At Marglory, in order to deal with unforeseen events, we agree to careful planning and coordination in addition to the use of professional and reliable logistics services in order to offer our customers optimum satisfaction.