Your favourite routes on MyMarglory

The MyMarglory customer area allows you to simplify your shipping operations, using technology!
You can carry out the entire shipping process online. From requesting quotations to downloading cargo receipt documents.
For your frequent operations, there’s no need to re-enter the same itinerary every time. Save time and access frequent routes easily, by adding them to your list of favourite routes.

How do I add routes to my favourites?

This simple action optimises your time, so you can track your cargo quickly and efficiently. As a result, you get accurate information about your frequent routes quickly, easily and with fewer clicks.

Here’s a concise, step-by-step description of how to select your favourite routes:

  • First, log in to the Mymarglory customer area
  • Then go to the Preferred routes section of your customer area and enter a route (import/export/direct/indirect).
  • Then add it to your favourites using the “Add a route” button:
Ajout d'un itinéraire aux Favoris - MyMarglory
Add an itinerary to Favourites – MyMarglory
  • You can then access your favourites at any time from the “Schedules” menu, by ticking the “See my favourite routes” box:
Ajout d'un itinéraire aux Favoris- MyMarglory
Displaying Favourite routes -MyMarglory
  • Keep track of your itineraries by downloading them from the Schedule section as PDF or Excel files:
Download itineraries- MyMarglory

The Mymarglory customer area always offers you the best solutions to maximise your satisfaction and helps you to improve your customer experience. By putting technology at your disposal, to enable you to digitalise your logistics. This tool is constantly reinventing itself to incorporate more and more functions, to guarantee you complete digitalisation.

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